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Monday, January 19, 2015

5 Badass Battle Ropes Exercises!


Battle Ropes are a great way to get an aerobic and anaerobic workout. Building Muscular endurance and cardiovascular strength. Incorporating many muscle groups to work in unison, and burning a lot of calories in the process. Here are some of the Buff Dudes favorite Battle Rope exercises. 


First on the list is going be the Battle Rope Jumping Jacks. This is an excellent way to warm the body up and add a little extra buff-ness to this classic exercise.  Hold the ropes in each hand, with an underhand grip. Feet together. Jump upwards and at the same to pull the legs apart till they are wider than shoulder width. At the same time bring your arms above your head (keeping them straight) and touch them together. Us the same motion in reverse to complete one repetition. 3 sets x 20 reps.


The Power Slam is going to be an explosive exercise utilizing the power of the hips, legs, shoulders and core. Start in a half squat positions hold both ends of the ropes in each hand at arms length in front of you. Explode upwards, thrusting the hips forward, while raising your hands above your head. Once you reach the top position, immediately slam the ropes downward, while pushing your hips back and squatting back to the starting position. 3 sets x 15

This exercise is great for working the shoulders and chest. Stand with the feet shoulder width apart, in a half squat position, and arms held out to your side parallel to the ground. With a quick motion bring your hands together and apart like you’re clapping, while gripping the ends of the rope tightly. 3 sets x 30 seconds. 

Working the shoulders, core, and legs. This is a great way to get that heart rate up and make those muscles work. Start with your feet at shoulder width and arms held straight (elbows slightly bent). You’ll be alternating your waves, bringing your arms up in a quick and smooth motion. As you’re alternating your waves, you’ll bring one leg back and squat into a lunge position, and then return to the top position and repeat on the opposite side. 3 sets x 20 reps (10 lunges each leg)

Can’t forget the abs, and that is exactly what this exercise is for. You’ll want to sit on the floor (or ground) and firmly grasp the ends of the rope. Lean back with the abs tensed. Hands will be held together, starting at one side of your body. Quickly move the rope up and over your legs by twisting your trunk and bringing your hands to the opposite side of your body and repeat. 3 sets x 40 reps (total)

That wraps it up, dudes! Some of our favorite Battle Ropes exercises in one killer workout.

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