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Workout Routines & Exercise Tutorials

Workout Routines & Exercise Tutorials

“A good system shortens the road to the goal.”

Here they are, Dudes – all our workout routines and exercise tutorials all in one place!

We took all the suggestions from our last 12 Week Plan that you asked for (mobility, stretching, abs & a complete home workout) and added even more (Frequently Asked Questions, Gym Lingo, Nutrition). This is our biggest and Buffest plan to date!

Original l2 Week Plan - Diet & Exercise Guide

We took everything we learned in the 8 Week Plan and made it bigger, better & buffer. This is our original 12 Week Plan. Follow this plan if you want to be a true Buff Dude! (or GRRRL)

8 Week Guide to Getting in Shape

With our Guide to Getting in Shape we go over our eating routines, weekly workout plan and how we schedule it all out. If you want a guide to getting in shape, you’ve found it!

3 Day Weekly Workout Split

Short on time but still want a killer weekly workout? Try our three days a week workout routine!

Home Body Weight Workout

No weights? No gym? No problem. With this workout all you need is two chairs, a broomstick and the determination to get Buff.

Home Dumbbell Full Body Workout

Sick of the gym or short on cash in order to afford the monthly dues? With this home workout as long as you’ve got two dumbbells and a camping cooler, you’re good to go.

Single Exercise Tutorials

Want to know the proper way to perform Squats, Deadlifts, Overhead Press and less common exercises such as the Kneeling Landmine or Anti-Gravity Press? Here you’ll find a compilation of all our Single Exercise Videos.