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Friday, May 23, 2014

Home Workout Routines with Dumbbells – Full Body

No gym membership? No problem. The great news is with this routine is that you only need a single pair of dumbbells and a bench (which in our case we used a camping cooler) in order to complete this workout.
Welcome to our new series Home Workout Routines with DumbbellsFull Body Edition. Let’s get started!


Goblet Squat

4 Sets 20 Reps


Plank Rows

4 Sets 10-15 Reps Each Side

Chest Superset

Bent Arm Pull-Overs with Chest Press

4 Sets 12 Reps


Single Dumbbell Press

4 Sets 15 Reps


Lying Extensions

4 Sets 10 Reps


Alternating Curls

4 Sets 10 Reps


Single Calve Raise

4 Sets 15 Reps Each Calf


Weighted Crunches

4 Sets 25 Reps
Did you survive the workout? We hope so, because we recommend doing this three days a week. Want some more variety? You’re in luck! In the upcoming weeks we’ll be covering Chest, Arms, Back and more in our Home Workout Dumbbell Routine series.
Keep hitting those weights and stay Buff, Dudes.